226 Main Street
East Windsor, CT 06088
*NO Dogs please*


All Divisions (7v7 Format):

*All US Lacrosse Rules Apply at this event

*Teams Will Play 4 - 20 Minute Running time games with the top  teams in each division advancing to playoffs

*Teams will play with 7 field players (2D,3M,2A) and a goalie/ 2 players behind the midfield at all times
(Teams with smaller rosters may request to play 6v6)

*Games that end in an 8M will have the 8M played out

*DRAWS: Games will start with a draw and then continuous play, with a goalie clear after each goal.

EXCEPTION: The 2032/33 Division will have a draw after every goal
MERCY RULE: If a team is ahead by 4 goals the opposing team will be awarded the ball at the midfield after each goal.


  • 2028 Division: FULL CHECKING
  • 2029-2031 Division: MODIFIED CHECKING
    • 2029 Team Coaches May REQUEST Full Checking if both coaches agree
  • 2032/33 Division: NO CHECKING

2032/33 Division ONLY

*Teams get a FREE goalie clear to resume play after each shot - opposing team must drop to below the 8M to allow a free clear.

*Teams must make one pass once the ball has passed the midline before they can shoot

*Teams will have a draw control after each goal.



*At the end of Pool Play the two teams with the most points in each division will face off for 15 minute playoff game(s).

*Teams must have a goalie or play with an open goal to be eligible for playoffs. Teams who choose to participate with a shooting net will not be able to advance.

Points will be earned based on the following:
Win:2 Points
Tie:1 Point
Loss:0 Points

In the event that two teams are tied, the tie breaker will be determined in the order below:
Head to Head
Goals Against
Goals For
Brave Heart