All Divisions (7v7 Format):

*All US Lacrosse Rules Apply at this event

*Teams Will Play 4 - 20 Minute Running time games with the top  teams in each division advancing to playoffs

*Teams will play with 7 field players (2D,3M,2A) and a goalie/ 2 players behind the midfield at all times
(Teams with smaller rosters may request to play 6v6)

*Games that end in an 8M will have the 8M played out

*DRAWS: Games will start with a draw and then continuous play, with a goalie clear after each goal.

EXCEPTION: The 2030/31 Division can choose to have a draw after every goal
MERCY RULE: If a team is ahead by 4 goals the opposing team will be awarded the ball at the midfield after each goal.


  • 2027 Division: FULL CHECKING
  • 2028-2030 Division: MODIFIED CHECKING
    • 2028 Team Coaches May REQUEST Full Checking if both coaches agree
  • 2031/32 Division: NO CHECKING

2031/32 Division ONLY

*Teams get a FREE goalie clear to resume play after each goal - opposing team must drop to below the 8M to allow a free clear.

*Teams must make one pass once the ball has passed the midline before they can shoot

*Teams may choose to have a draw control after each goal.



At the end of Division play the two teams with the most points in each division will face off for 15 minute playoff game(s).

Points will be earned based on the following:
Win:2 Points
Tie:1 Point
Loss:0 Points

In the event that two teams are tied, the tie breaker will be determined in the order below:
Head to Head
Goals Against
Goals For
Brave Heart