Tournament Format

  • All US Lacrosse Rules apply at this Event
  • Teams Will Play 4 - 22 Minute games
    (In the Event of Inclement Weather, Games May be Shortened in order to move all games indoors)
  • Fields 1-3 will be indoor turf fields (sneakers only). Field 4-6 will be outdoor grass fields (cleats).
  • Games will start with a draw and then continuous play, with a goalie clear after each goal
    (MERCY RULE: If a team is ahead by 4 goals, the game will go back to a draw after each goal)
  • Teams will play with 7 field players, keeping two players behind the restraining line
    (This can be adjusted for teams with smaller rosters - teams can play with 6 field players, keeping one player back)


2023-2026 Divisions: MODIFIED CHECKING

2022 Divisions: FULL CHECKING


At the end of Division play the teams with the most points in each division will face off for 15 minute playoff game(s).



Points will be earned based on the following:
Win: 2 Points
Tie: 1 Point
Loss: 0 Points

In the event that two teams are tied, the tie breaker will be determined in the order below:

  1. Head to Head
  2. Goals Against
  3. Goals For
  4. Brave Heart


The Winners of Each Division will win Free Lax Fall Jam Tournament Championship T-shirts